National BIP Network

National BIP Network State Liaisons:

National BIP Network Members:

Executive Officers
Executive Chair: David J.H. Garvin
Executive Vice Chair: Jameelah Brown Ferrell

Representation Committee
The Representation Committee is responsible for engaging providers and programs that serve under-represented populations: LGBTQIA+, rural, etc.
Chair: Rod Kaskalla
Administrative Coordinator:
Advisors: Juan Carlos Areán & Catherine Shugrue dos Santos

Training Committee
The Training Committee is responsible for developing training and technical assistance events, tools and a resource library for providers.
Chair: Chris Huffine
Vice-Chair: Kevin Tarrance
Administrative Coordinator:
Advisors: Jeremy Nevilles-Sorell & Johnnie Trujillo

Program Administration Committee
The Program Administration Committee supports programs with tools for policy development, staffing and funding.
Chair: Dorthy Stucky Halley
Vice-Chair: Juli Harpell-Elam
Administrative Coordinator: Eva Lessinger & Tessa Mosher
Advisors: Lisa Nitsch & Pa Vang

Strategic Development Committee
The Strategic Development Committee will identify opportunities to strengthen the representation of, access for, and investment in quality intervention programming.
Chair: Paul Bellan-Boyer
Administrative Coordinator: Erin Wilkins
Advisors: Debby Tucker & Alyce LaViolette

Research Committee
Research Committee is responsible for leading, interpreting, and disseminating research findings and supporting their implementation in practice.
Chair: Rich Tolman
Administrative Coordinator:
Advisors: Etiony Aldarondo & Oliver Williams

Communications Committee
Communications Committee represents the National Battering Intervention Network to a variety of audiences through a multimedia strategy.
Chair: Jeffrie Cape
Vice-Chair: Tina L. Fox
Administrative Coordinator:
Advisors: Pam Wiseman & Johnny Rice, II

Women Who Use Force Committee
The Women Who Use Force Committee furthers the Network’s interest in the growth of learning and support in the area of work with women who use force in their intimate relationships.
Chair: Melissa Scaia
Administrative Coordinator:
Advisors: Lisa Young Larance

Mission: The National Battering Intervention Program Network is dedicated to ending violence by advancing best practices and supporting programs, people, and institutions that work with people who cause harm to intimate partners. We will address the distinct intervention needs of diverse populations.

Goal 1
: Prioritize the safety and autonomy of victims/survivors in our work.

Goal 2: Develop strategic policy and responses to shared concerns and barriers to our ability to do our best work.
Goal 3: Advocate for and share resources and opportunities to enhance interventions with abusive partners.
Goal 4: Support each other and hold each other accountable in our work.

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