Minnesota BIP Listing

BIP Listing for Minnesota 

County Notes/policies Curriculum Length Meeting times Meeting Place Cost Contact Referral Info
Beltrami Beltrami County BIP
Amy Lindahl (North Homes)/Alicia Senenfelder (Probation) (Men’s group)
Cindy Anderson (Contract)/Aeron Muckala (Probation) (Men’s group)
Family Peace Initiative River of Cruelty 25 weeks includes one intake session Mon (men) 4-5:30pm
Wed (Men) 1-2:30pm
Beltrami County Historic Courthouse $20 per session/Beltrami County DV Court related fees may be waived upon completion of BIP Beltrami County Probation; 218-333-4169
Clearwater on hold 25 weeks includes one intake session Thursdays – 3-4:30pm – men’s group. Clearwater County Courthouse $20 per session Amy Lindahl
Crow Wing Closed group-new class starts every 24 weeks Duluth/Creating a Process for Change I intake session and 24 weeks of group Every Tuesday from 5:30-7:30pm CORE Professional Services
617 Oak Street
$580; $100 is due at the time of intake and $20 required for each session after that 218-824-0444-LaDonna Scott (For questions about the group) but referrals should be made to Core facilitator Dustin Monson – 218-829-7140/dmonson@coretreatment.com
Hubbard two excused absences/ talked with Jamie Bobby 2.2.18 and she will email intake form but as of 5.2.18 havent received it Duluth/Creating a Process for Change 27 sessions which includes a 3 hour orientation first day Tuesdays – 10am-noon Park Rapids Sanford BH 9 FKN UMMHC) $20 per session Jamie Bobby from Sanford  (UMMHC) and Joe from Hubbard County probation
Itasca 4 groups total/open group/attendance policy; John Downing would call probation agent with unapproved or excessive absences per our program guidelines  but there is not a policy in place through their agency Duluth/Creating a Process for Change plus facilitator additions 24 weeks plus one intake session Monday 6-7:30pm; Grand Rapids Zion Lutheran Church
Wed 6-7:30pm; Deer River Goodall Resource Center
Thursday 10-11:30am, Grand Rapids Zion Lutheran Church
Thursday 6-7:30pm Grand Rapids Zion Lutheran Church
3 Grand Rapids Groups meet at Zion Lutheran Church.  Deer River group meets and Goodall Resource Center sliding fee available.  John Downing works with participant individually to establish cost Advocates for Family Peace; 218-326-0388/Fax 218-327-4052
John Downing – Jdowning@stopdomesticabuse.org (for agent contact only)
Koochiching spoke with program assistant Dawn Flesland about group info/hoping to start another class in Nov 2018 if they have the numbers Duluth/Creating a Process for Change 24 weeks Wednesday 6-7:30pm Friends Against Abuse, 407 4th Street, I Falls, MN sliding fee $5 – $15 Jenell Feller 218-285-7220/jenell@friendsagainstabuse.com
Lake of the Woods
Leech Lake Reservation Cassandra Tapio-BIP oversight
Richard Croaker-Facilitator
Andy Auginash-Facilitator
Duluth/Creating a Process for Change with Indigenous Perspective 24 weeks  Wednesday 11am-1pm Outpatient Building-Cass Lake (blue House across from hospital) $20.00 per session Cassandra Tapio cassandra.tapio@llojibwe.org
Polk checking on group as one dv court participant said he was going to a group in Polk
Red Lake County
Red Lake Reservation Culturally Specific Curriculum certified by reservation providers minimum of 36 hours Wednesdays-6pm Red Lake Gaming Commission Office no cost Todd and Shari Smith
Roseau Amanda Marquis and Jessica Dvertgen DOC agents and MH provider at LifeCare – Duluth Model Group; Closed group starts when enough referrrals are received
LifeCare – extensive behavioral cognitive group-just started a women’s group too.  Contact probation for specifics
Duluth/Creating a Process for Change with CBT addition 36 hours starts when enough referrals are received/next group starts Aug or Sept 2019 referral needed through probation agent
White Earth Reservation 4 unexcused absences and the participant is terminated
excused absences are at the discretion of the facilitator-illness, work conflict, transportation would be excused but they can’t be three in a row or terminated.  An anniversary or birthday party, for instance, are considered unexcused.
Duluth/Creating a Process for Change 30 weeks Wednesdays-3:30pm to 4:30pm White Earth Health Building (Old RTC) no cost-will accept white earth members currently on reservation or living elsewhere-will bill insurance if a qualified DX is obtained Jim Schmidt 218-983-3286
email or call Jim-prefers both defendant and probation agent to make contact prior to starting.