Membership Benefits

The reasons to join the Battering Intervention Services of Michigan (BISC-MI) are outlined below.
To become a member, go to: Membership dues cover each calendar year, January-December, regardless of when membership dues are paid.

1. BISC-MI is a non-profit organization that operates as a volunteer-run organization. Membership dues cover infrastructure expenses that make these services possible.

BISC-MI initiates many educational, collaborative, and local, statewide, and international networking opportunities for programs serving those who choose to perpetrate intimate partner violence. BISC-MI also offers the following services to Michigan-based programs: support and technological assistance to battering intervention program (BIP) services that are operating in Michigan; overseeing the Battering Intervention Provider Standards Compliance Council (BIPSCC) certification process, which helps programs follow Michigan state standards; and listing certified programs on the BISC-MI website to assist those who wish to locate BIP services in a specific Michigan geographical area. Without the support from BISC-MI members, these international and statewide opportunities and services would not be possible.

2. BISC-MI Members are offered reduced rates for BISC-MI statewide or international trainings and conferences.