Jeffrie Cape

Jeffrie K. Cape LMSW ACSW CAADC is the director of Charron Services LLC   In 2002 she started HEAL (Helping Explore Accountable Lifestyles) a 52 session battering intervention program and WEAVE (Women Exploring Accountably Violent Encounters) in Oakland County, Michigan.  She facilitates, supervises, develops and refines curriculum for those programs. She is one half of the partnership, Cape & Garvin Innovations LLC a training and consulting company specializing in battering intervention.

Jeffrie has extensive clinical experience and has a private practice with varied clientele. She was appointed to the Michigan Domestic Violence and Prevention and Treatment Board by Governor Snyder in 2011 She helped develop local standards for battering intervention programs and was a member of the governor’s task force to develop state standards for Michigan. She was active in the development and formation of BISC-MI in 1995. She continues to serve on the board and was chair in 2001-2002. She chaired the Batterer Intervention Provider Standards Compliance Council (BIPSCC)for several years.  She is one of the originators of AQUILA.

Jeffrie serves on multiple High Risk Response Teams (HRRT) and the Wayne County Domestic Violence  Fatality Review Team.

Jeffrie has provided training, curriculum development and support for community and prison based intervention programs. She participates in a variety of state and local task forces as well as providing local and national training and supervision for agencies and individuals who work with individuals involved in domestic violence.