From Theory to Practice Sexualized Abuse 2

25th Annual BISC-MI Conference

Dates: November 17, 18, 19, 2021

From Theory to Practice: Focusing on Sexualized Abuse,
Sexual Respect, and Sexual Health in Battering Intervention Programs

AT THE KENSINGTON HOTEL – Ann Arbor, Michigan!

Those who commit intimate partner violence use many tactics to control, abuse, punish, discredit, and humiliate their partners. Sexual abuse is frequently perpetrated, yet this form of abuse is not a consistent and comprehensive focus of many battering intervention programs. This conference will present information about how to incorporate relevant education and conversations regarding sexual abuse and violence into BIP services. Participants will have the opportunity to explore in-depth strategies, techniques, concepts, and tools to increase understanding about exploitation, coercion, imposing of sexual values onto others, sexual socialization, ignorance or lack of understanding and awareness about sexual respect and sexuality, the intersection of identities and sexuality, intimacy, how consent is compromised with power differentials and safety concerns, critical thinking, and sexual literacy. Join BISC-MI as we continue the tradition of providing exciting, relevant, and innovative conferences to advance the field of battering intervention!


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Day One: Wednesday, November 17, 2021



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