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Employment Opportunities

BISC-MI (Michigan):

Hi Folks!  BISC-MI needs your help!  BISC-MI is looking for a very part-time paid employee (2-3 hours/week) to help manage the certification process for Michigan BIPs.  Please put out the word to anyone you think might be interested.
This is an opportunity to further support the important and valuable work that BISC-MI is doing.
See the job description below for more information.  Feel free to forward this to anyone you think might be interested.

Job Description
The Battering Intervention Provider Standards Compliance Council (BIPSCC) conducts a review and certification process that is overseen by Battering Intervention Services Coalition of Michigan (BISC-MI). There is a certification process for battering intervention programs (BIPs) that is completed annually, to make sure service provider programs are following Michigan State Standards for running programs for perpetrators of domestic violence/intimate partner violence.

BIPSCC Duties (99% of time)

  1. Sends renewals each quarter to BIPS to notify them when their annual certification is due to expire
  2. Follows up monthly with BIPs who have not completed the application process
  3. Drafts BIPSCC acceptance letters and certifications for review by BIPSCC Chair
  4. Emails letter and certificate to BIPs who are being recertified
  5. Follows email protocols of using BIPSCC-email, and copying each email to BIPSCC email
  6. Makes phone calls to BIP contacts when needed
  7. Answers questions from BIPs interesting in becoming BIPSCC certified or re-certified
  8. Maintain records of all actions taken
  9. Other tasks as assigned

Administrative (1% of staff time)

  1. Reports to BIPSCC Chair
  2. Submits time sheet monthly to BISC-MI Chair

Job Qualifications

  1. Must be organized and communicate updates and concerns regularly with BIPSCC Chair
  2. Ability to plan, organize and prioritize work responsibilities
  3. Commitment to goals of BISC-MI and BIPSCC
  4. Access to a computer
  5. Familiarity with using Google Docs
  6. Comfortable contacting BIPs via email and phone, following a bi-monthly schedule
  7. Interested in helping to address domestic violence statewide in Michigan

Required Application Materials

  1. Resume and Cover Letter

Job Description

  1. Part time, independent contractor, hourly rate, no benefits
  2. Works approximately 10 hours per month
  3. Reports to BIPSCC Chair
  4. Work hours are variable; may require weekly, biweekly or monthly work; must respond to communications with BIPs within a few business days of initial contact
  5. May be asked to report to BISC-MI board meetings as needed
  6. This position is funded by BISC-MI for a one-year period, which may be extended

Resume and cover letter due: April 15, 2022
For an application, go to: https://forms.gle/neQFk9S1MFvuzpUp7

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