BISC-MI Awards

Award Given to Dr. Edward W. Gondolf




          Momentum to


                  Abuse of



Recognizing and honoring those who have significantly guided and expanded efforts to protect survivors
through advancing and evaluating accountable perpetrator intervention research and programming.

2016 The 1st Annual Ed Gondolf COMPASS Award

2016 Awarded to: Dr. Edward W. Gondolf

2017 The 2nd Ed Gondolf COMPASS Award

Awarded to: Barbara Hart

Barbara Hart’s speech given on November 1, 2017

2018 The 3rd Ed Gondolf COMPASS Award

Awarded to: The Rev. Dr. Marie M. Fortune

2019 The 4th Ed Gondolf COMPASS Award

Awarded toNicole Westmarland Ph.D.











2021 The 5th Ed Gondolf COMPASS Award

Awarded to: David J. H. Garvin, MSW, LMSW










2022 The 6th Ed Gondolf COMPASS Award

Awarded to: Duluth Model founder Ellen Pence (posthumously) and Michael Paymar co-authors of the Duluth Curriculum: Creating a Process of Change for Men Who Batter. The award to Ellen was accepted by Amanda McCormick


2023 The 7th Ed Gondolf COMPASS Award

Awarded to: Awards given to Melissa Scaia and Lisa Young Larance for their work to raise awareness, develop curricula, and conduct research regarding the complexity of addressing the needs of women who use force.















BISC-MI Champion Award

Let’s start by reflecting and taking a pause take a pause.
The dictionary defines Champion as a person who argues for a cause

But, what determines who is a champion depends on your point of view.
Here’s what it means to BISC-MI regarding you two.
Your vision, passion, commitment and integrity are part of what creates your pedigree.

Each of you is talented, busy and in demand or in your own field.
Yet You committed time and energy toward domestic abuse which is often hidden and concealed

You provided guidance to BISC-MI from the start.
We are lucky you are both so smart.

Your guidance and wisdom helped pave the way Toward what BISC-MI has become today.

It is BISC-MI’s honor to present you with the inaugural champion award.
We appreciate everything you’ve done Presented with deep gratitude.

The BISC-MI Board.

2023 The 1st CHAMPION Award

Awarded to: Debi Cain & Hon. Elizabeth “Libby” Pollard Hines (retired) – In recognition of Community Allies who have supported BISC-MI and our mission, significantly contributed to our organizational growth, and promoted battering intervention programs as part of a coordinated response to end domestic violence.