BIPSCC Training Options

BIPSCC is aware that getting 10 hours of continuing education units (CEU’s) per year for each group facilitator can be challenging.

Below is a list of potential options BIPs in Michigan can use to receive the ten hours needed each year:

  1. Attend the annual three-day BISC-MI conference that occurs each fall
    • To access upcoming fall conferences, to go:
    • These annual conferences offer social work CEU’s for a minor fee, and BIP CEU’s for no additional fee
    • Attendance can occur in person, or via zoom, during the dates of the conference. This conference is not recorded for future use
    • These conferences usually do not offer the 20 CEU’s needed, so other training is also needed
  2. View training materials from the 2020 BISC-MI Come Together conference, which was only offered via zoom due to COVID:
    • Access these training session via this link:
    • There are nine training modules, each costing $10
    • Viewers can receive BIP CEU’s for no additional fee. Please note, the social work CEU’s that were available the first year have expired and are no longer available
  3. Attend Friday Peer Supervision & Consultation Calls, occurring most Fridays, from 2-3:00 pm EST
    • BISC-MI hosts a weekly Peer Supervision and Consultation Zoom call.
    • We meet with people from around the country and beyond every Friday at 2:00 pm EST to discuss any and all issues as they relate to BIPs.
    • Click the link below to join and you will receive an email reminder notification once per week as a reminder.
    • If you are interested in joining, please click the link below to join:
  4. Attend training provided by your agency that includes training documentation materials, and attendance certificate or other form of documentation, for group facilitators
    • This “internal” agency training can be 10 of the 20 required hours
    • The topics must be related to BIP work and cannot include reading articles or attending pre-recorded webinars*
  5. Other trainings advertised by BISC-MI email blasts
  6. Other trainings provided elsewhere, as long as the topic is directly related to DV BIP-work, and provides training information and attendance certificates

When applying for BIPSCC certification, those completing the application must provide proof of training for all group facilitators. The only exception is if part of the training hours includes the annual BISC-MI fall conference.

*Michigan Standards: 9.4. On-going Training
All facilitators must participate in a minimum of 20 hours per year of continuing training regarding domestic violence related issues. This training can be obtained through a combination of internal and external sources, but a minimum of 10 hours must be obtained externally. Further,
this training cannot consist of self-teaching by individual use of books or tapes. The BIS provider must document this training.